Microsoft Teams: Teams and Channels


Teams are a collection of people, content, and tools surrounding different projects and outcomes within an organization.

Teams can be created to be:

How to Create a Team

To create a Team you can follow the Microsoft documentation that will walk you through the steps.

How to add members to a Team

Private Teams

Once a Team is created you will have to invite members to a team.  Team owners can add members by clicking on the More Options ellipses, and then clicking on Add member, and simply start typing a user or distribution list. Anyone you have added will receive an email notifying them of the new Team, and the Team will show up in their Team list. Microsoft has additional details for this.  Team owners can also invite users to sign up for the Team without adding them fully.  To do this, click on the More Options ellipses, and then clicking on Get link to team, and copy the URL that is in the window that pops up.  You can then send that link in an email, or publish on a website.  Users can then click on that link, and request to get added to the team.  When a user submits a request to be added, the Team owner will receive an email notification, and can review the user details in the Teams client, and accept or reject the request.

Public Teams

Public Teams are searchable in the Teams client or online for authenticated DePaul users.  Anyone in DePaul can join a Public Team.  Team members can also use the Get a link to team function to provide a URL to publicize the team (either on a website, an email, or other method).  

Teams Renewal

By default all Teams that are created will expire after 1 year.  The owners of the Team will receive an email 30 days prior to the expiration date that will have a link that will allow them to Renew the Team for another year. Microsoft provides additional documentation about how to Renew a Team.


Channels are dedicated sections within a team to keep conversations organized by specific topics, projects, or disciplines. 

How to Create a Channel

To create a channel you can follow the Microsoft documentation.

Files storage for Channels

Files that you share in a channel (on the Files tab) are stored in SharePoint. To learn more, read How SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business interact with Teams.

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