Adobe Creative Cloud Home Use: Student Access

Since Fall 2020, DePaul has been providing students with the ability to install Adobe Creative Cloud on their home computers for students enrolled in a class requiring Adobe Creative Cloud apps.  These classes will determined by their college and instructor. Instructors should work with their college office if they would like their class to be included in this program.  Access to the software will be limited to the term in which they are enrolled in one of these classes, and will be free of charge during the time they are enrolled in an authorized class.  Access will be automatically authorized for students when enrolled in one of these classes. 


To Download:


Note: Periodic Authentication Is Required

Students will periodically be prompted to log in with their DePaul account credentials when they access the software on their computer.  When the term ends, or if a student is no longer enrolled in a class requiring Adobe, they will be denied access to run the installed software.