Microsoft Teams: Getting Started

What is Microsoft Teams?

Teams is Microsoft's unified communications platform which combines messaging, meetings, file storage, application integration, and voice and video calling into one collaborative team workspace. Each Team you create gets it's own SharePoint website, OneDrive storage space, chat channels, and more. 

Accessing Teams

Microsoft Teams is available for faculty, staff students.

  1. Go to
  2. Login using your DePaul BlueKey account. 
  3. On this page, you have the option to either "Install Office" on your computer, or access the cloud-based versions of Office 365 applications. It is recommended to "Install Office" on your computer for the best experience, although the cloud-based and mobile versions can also be good for collaborating in meetings and on documents. Either way gives access to Office 365 software.  When using the cloud-based version, you can find the Teams icon in the left-hand navigation in Office365 after you have logged in.

Getting Started with Using Teams

Microsoft has provided a variety of online resources to assist users with using Teams.  For those that are looking to get an overview or introduction to Microsoft Teams, we recommend starting with the links below.  Some of these links are to pages with short, topic-specific videos that allow you to watch those that are of specific interest to you, while others are more traditional web pages with instructions and links to other resources. 


Microsoft also provides helpful QuickStart guides.  You can access and download guides for Teams and OneDrive, along with other Office products.