Microsoft Teams: Frequently Asked Questions

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When should I use Zoom vs. Teams for video conferencing?

Microsoft Teams does not necessarily replace Zoom as a video conferencing solution.  Zoom is a widely used enterprise-level Video conferencing solution, and works extremely well for scheduled and pre-planned video conferencing.  Microsoft Teams also works well for scheduled/pre-planned video meetings and is also integrated directly into Outlook, but is also excellent for unplanned, ad-hoc phone and video conferencing between small groups.   

How do I invite users to join a public Team?

Public Teams are searchable in the Teams client or online for authenticated DePaul users. Anyone in DePaul can join a Public Team. Team members and owners can also use the "Get a link to team" function to provide a URL to publicize the team and share it either on a website, an email, or another method.

How do I manage notifications and keep track of conversations in Teams?

Teams provides very granular control over how and when you receive notifications from Teams.  You can change your notification settings at the system level, as well as within each Team you are a member of.  You can find short videos here, and detailed instruction pages on managing notifications, getting someone's attention, and more. One important recommendation is to Reply to others inside of a Conversation rather than start a new one, as this will keep the Conversation in one thread making it easier to follow (and will also not send separate notifications to users of a new Conversation to review/follow).

How do I set up and manage my Teams voicemail?

Users can record a personalized voicemail in Teams to answer Teams calls when they are unavailable.  To record or manage your Teams voicemail, click on your picture in the upper right of the client, click Settings, and then click Calls.