Mobile Devices

Mobile Device Overview

The term "mobile device" includes cellular phones, smart phones and tablets (including devices such as the iPad, Kindle, etc.) as well as the associated software applications ("apps") that can be purchased for these devices (e.g. from the Android Market, Apple App Store, etc.).


Please refer to the Computing Devices Policy for information.


IS will provide support for mobile devices with respect to the Exchange/Outlook connection and synchronization. We will create or reset accounts and passwords, as well as provide assistance with synchronization to the Exchange/Outlook environment. If it is determined that the problem is with the actual phone device, the phone’s manufacturer or service plan provider will need to be contacted by the department to which it belongs for repair/replacement.

While we will support a device on any carrier, DePaul's preferred phone carrier is AT&T.  A summary of benefits offered by AT&T can be found on the Procurement website.   

IS does not support and is not liable for any third party apps purchased through Google Play, Windows Mobile Marketplace or iTunes.


View the guides for setting up email on your mobile device