Updating the Password on Off-Campus DePaul Windows Computers

Note: If you have forgotten your UserID, have not signed up for BlueKey Multifactor, and/or encounter problems with the Microsoft Password reset process, please contact the Help Desk.

Remote Access VPN is needed to complete the off-campus password reset process.  Download and install and the Remote Access VPN before proceeding. You will need administrative rights on the computer to install.

Updating Your Password on your Off-Campus Windows Computer

Note: This should only be necessary if your password changes while the computer is off-site.

  1. Sign into PC with current password
  2. Reset your BlueKey password in the Microsoft Password Portal (Instructions can be found here), or call the Help Desk for assistance
  3. If the Pulse Secure VPN is installed, sign in to the Remote Access VPN using your new updated password
    1. If VPN is not installed, please follow Remote Access VPN for instructions
  4. Lock PC via any of the 3 below methods. Do not sign out of your PC. If you sign out of the PC, you will have to sign in using your previous password.
    1. Windows key + L
    2. Ctrl+Alt+Del and click Lock
    3. Click Start button->User icon->Lock
  5. Sign into the PC with the new password
    1. Note: if any apps (Outlook, VPN, OneDrive, Teams, etc.) that used your previous password were open during this reset process, they may prompt for your new password.