Softphone/Cisco Jabber: Conference Calling

With the DePaul University implementation of Jabber, you can do up to a 6-way ad hoc conference call by following the below instructions. It can be very tedious setting up a conference call of more than a few participants, so it is recommended that you utilize Zoom or Teams for larger conference communication.


1. Place a call to the first number from the Cisco Jabber application and wait for the line to answer.

2. Select the More button in the black call controls bar and select "Conference" to expand the window to include the conference call control panel.


In-call Window with Conference Option


3. Type the second number you wish to dial in the "Add participants" bar and select the green call button (the call button is gray until a number is typed in the box). Note: New versions of Jabber do not have a call button, you instead place the call by pressing Enter on your keyboard after typing the phone number.


In-call Window After Selecting Conference


4. Once the call to the second line is being placed, the first line is placed on hold. Once the second line answers, the text "Waiting to join" will appear under its number in the conference control panel. Click the green door "Join Conference" button next to the line's number to connect all of the participants together in-conference.


Call Window while connecting an additonal line


5. Once in-conference, you can add additional users to the call by repeating steps 3-4.

6. Individual lines can be removed from the call by right-clicking the line's number in the conference call control panel and selecting "Remove."

7. Hang up on all lines by selecting the red "End Call" button in the black call controls bar.


Call Window In-Conference