Staff and Student Employees: Getting Started with Technology Resources

technology checklist

DePaul staff and student employees: Be prepared to get the most out of technology resources.

1. Know your DePaul login credentials

As a DePaul staff member, you have been issued the following email and login credentials during the onboarding process:

You will need these credentials to log in to various applications and DePaul systems like Office 365, BlueSky, and Zoom. Because our transition to BlueKey login is still in progress, most systems will request your email address and password, but some systems may still request your username and password. Learn about authentication and password security.

Having trouble finding your login credentials or password? Contact the Help Desk at or call (312) 362-8765.

2. Set up BlueKey multi-factor authentication

Register now for BlueKey multi-factor authentication and self-service password reset. Watch this tutorial video for help registering. When logging into certain DePaul systems, you will be asked to authenticate your identity through Microsoft's multi-factor authentication using a designated device, such as your mobile phone.  An increasing number of DePaul systems and applications will use BlueKey multi-factor authentication in the future. Registering also allows you to reset your password without assistance from the Help Desk. Learn more about Microsoft's authentication process or watch this tutorial video. Some DePaul systems also use Duo Mobile authentication. Learn more about Duo two-factor authentication.

Important Note: If you have a smartphone, please check your multi-factor settings. The preferred “Default sign-in method” is “Microsoft Authenticator - notification”. Please set the default to this method. 

3. Access BlueSky and update contact info

BlueSky is DePaul’s cloud-based system for finance and human resources functions such as viewing pay stubs. Access BlueSky at Navigate to the “Contact Info” tab and make sure your name, address, and contact information are accurate and up-to-date.

4. Access Campus Connect

Campus Connect is primarily used for class-related functions, but it’s a good idea to make sure your contact information is accurate in DePaul’s emergency notification system called “DPU Alert”. Go to Campus Connect and search DPU Alert to check. To log in, visit and use your BlueKey login credentials ( email address and password).

5. Access your DePaul Office 365 account

Sign in to with your BlueKey login credentials. Access Office 365 web apps including Word, Excel OneDrive, Outlook, and others, or install Office desktop apps on your personal computer (DePaul-issued computers come with Office apps preinstalled). You can also download Office 365 mobile apps for iPhone or Android. Learn all about how to use Office 365.

6. Regularly check BlueM@il in Outlook or your preferred email client app

Many important university communications will go to your BlueM@il. Learn how to access your DePaul email. Learn to spot malicious phishing emails with videos in D2L.

7. Activate your DePaul Zoom account

You will likely use the Zoom application to connect with colleagues working remotely and students taking online classes. For most classes that use Zoom, you will connect through D2L (see next step). Activate your Zoom account at using your DePaul login credentials. Learn more about accessing and using Zoom.

8. Collaborate in Office 365 with Microsoft Teams and OneDrive

Staff, faculty, and students all have access to Office 365 to Microsoft Teams, a collaborative tool where your team can chat, make audio and video calls, host meetings, and share screens and files. Learn all about collaborating and working in Teams or OneDrive. Access Office 365 web apps or download the desktop apps at, or download the mobile apps.

9. Access network drives

DePaul also provides two options for on-premises network data storage. U: is a personal network drive accessible only by you and is automatically provisioned for employees. W: is a shared network drive for work. Both drives are backed up nightly. Folder owners can request access to the portions of the W: drive you need access to. To access the network drives:

10. Get your Blue Demon Card

Blue Demon Cards are available for members of the DePaul community required to be on campus. Your Blue Demon Card gives you access to computer labs, printers, library checkout, and more. ID Services offices are located at the Lincoln Park Student Center 109 and Loop DePaul Center 9200. Please check the latest information about ID Services hours. ID Services also now supports online photo submissions.

11. Complete Information Security Awareness training

As a staff member at DePaul, it's important to be aware of some of the most common cyber security threats.  Through this series of helpful videos, you will learn about important topics like email phishing, safe browsing, protecting your identity online, and others.

12. Know how to reach the Help Desk and Genius Squad

You can get help with a wide variety of technology issues in the Knowledge Base, or reach out to the Help Desk ( You can get in-person support with your computer or mobile device through the Genius Squad, located on both of DePaul’s campuses. Please check the latest information about Genius Squad hours due to COVID-19.

13. Know what to do if you need to order a computer

To order new computers and peripherals, contact For new hires, departments should place orders at the very beginning of the hiring process. Please allow 28 business days for equipment to be shipped and installed. For more information about ordering and computer models, please visit the Computer Replacement Program page.

14. View additional resources

As a DePaul staff member, you can take advantage of free and discounted software from various vendors. Get free unlimited access to thousands of online training courses via LinkedIn Learning. Also, take advantage of discounts on dining, technology, entertainment, and more from hundreds of vendors via the Demon Discounts program.

Bookmark important technology links

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