Classrooms, Conference Rooms, and Computer Labs

Lab Information

DePaul also has more than 1000 computers available for use by students, faculty, or staff.  These computers are located in computer labs, lounges, and lobbies across each campus.

Lab Software

This page lists software titles available in classrooms and computer labs. Standard software is available in every classroom and computer lab.

​Intelliprint Printing

Intelliprint is DePaul University's all-purpose student printing solution. Printers located in computer labs, libraries, and the Lincoln Park residence halls are all connected to the Intelliprint system.

​Residence Hall Mini-Labs

Mini-labs are located in each residence hall on the Lincoln Park campus. The mini-labs have one computer and an IntelliPrint station available to residents throughout the school year.

Classroom Technology

The majority of classrooms at DePaul are Technology Equipped Classrooms. These rooms offer access to a desktop computer, LCD projector, i>clicker audience response system, laptop connectivity, and an audio amplifier.

PC Classrooms

PC classrooms are hybrid computer labs/classrooms that provide the same teaching experience as Technology Equipped Classrooms with the addition of individual computers for each student.

Tri-modal Classrooms

Certain classrooms on campus will be transformed into tri-modal classrooms for a combination of in-person, distance, and recorded teaching sessions.​

Technology Request Form

Request/reserve technology for a given day or series of days over a quarter.

​Zoom Conference Rooms

Zoom Rooms is a software-based conference room system that provides integrated audio conferencing, wireless screen sharing, and video conferencing. Zoom Rooms seamlessly integrate conference room video equipment with Zoom meetings.