Check your PC for Technical Specifications

This article will detail how to get the CPU, RAM, and GPU specifications of your Windows PC. This article assumes you're using Windows 10.

CPU & RAM (Memory)

First, go to the start menu, and then start typing "This PC"

A File Explorer window will pop up showing your hard drive(s) and your home folders. In the sidebar on the right-click "This PC" and then click "Properties".

In the new window, take a screenshot or write/type down the info in the System box, particularly your Processor and installed memory.

GPU (Graphics Card)

To get your graphics card info, right-click the Start Menu and select "Run".

In the dialog box that comes up, type "dxdiag" and then hit Enter.

A new window will pop up called Direct X Diagnostic Tool. You might be prompted to run the program as an administrator, go ahead and ok it. 

In the new window, click on the Display 1 tab. You may also see Display 2 and Display 3 depending on your configuration. 

On the Display tab, take note of the info under Device and Drivers. 


And that's it, you've gotten the CPU, RAM, and GPU specs for your PC!