LL105 CDM Theater - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions for the LL105 CDM Theater:

1. How can I reserve the space?

All reservations can be made using 25Live - https://25live.collegenet.com/pro/depaul#!/home/dash


2. Do I need to provide my own projectionist?

Nope! No need to provide your own projectionist. All tech info will be communicated and agreed to before your event and if necessary, a technician will be scheduled to help support your event.


3. Does the theater come with furniture or microphones for Q&A’s?

We have 4 handheld microphones, 4 bodypack transmitters with lavalier microphones, and 1 podium mounted microphone for your use.

Additional microphones and furniture needs can be discussed during your tech meeting.


4. How many seats are in the theater?

Max capacity is 150 (seated). However, it is recommended that you do not seat patrons in the first row due to head shadows appearing at the bottom of the screen. The first row holds 14 patrons.


5. Can I also reserve the smaller theater in LL102?

LL102 is run by the College of Communications. You can contact the College about reservations if you feel you’ll need that space in addition to LL105 for your event. Overflow viewing in this space can be accommodated on request.


6. Can I screen my film from a video file on the podium computer?

Yes, no problem. If you have a computer with an HDMI output, this can be connected at the podium or in the control room. Please ensure you have the correct adapter for your computer if necessary.

DCP / Blu-ray are preferred screening formats. 


7. How do I switch on the microphone at the podium for Q&A? 

There is a small grey button at the base of the microphone. Press to turn on and verify that the green LED is lit. Remember to turn this off when you’re finished. 


8. Do I need to switch the microphone on if I’m teaching an On-Line class?

No. The podium mic is connected to the theater sound system only. If teaching a COL-enabled class, please use the COL Labeled handheld or lavaliere microphone on the podium.


9. Can I screen my film in either 1.85:1 or 2:39:1 aspect ratios? Are the curtains able to open and close as a masking option and if so, how?

Yes, the theater can accommodate most standard aspect ratios including 1.85:1 and 2.35:1. This will be set up and configured during your tech run through or discussed during your pre-event meeting. 


10. How do I adjust the volume of playback sources?

The Crestron panel at the front podium controls the playback volume for Blu ray sources. There are “Up” and “Down” keys for volume.

To adjust playback from the podium computer, use the standard volume controls on the keyboard.


11. How do I switch between the computer and the Bluray player?

On the Crestron panel on the podium, select the “SOURCES” button at the bottom of the touch panel, then select the appropriate source. 


12. Can I use my own personal laptop to play my file through an HDMI cable?

Yes. There is an HDMI connection in the control room that can accommodate a personal computer. Ensure your computer has an HDMI output to use this connection. Adapters are available but may not work with your computer depending on the model.


13. Are there snacks allowed (popcorn, drinks, etc.) in the theater?

Water is allowed in containers with lids, but all other food and drinks are not allowed in the theater space.


14. How long of a time period can I rent the space for and what are the hours I am limited to reserving the CDM Theater? 

Reservations are booked as the space is needed. You will be limited to normal building hours for reserving the space unless exceptions have been made with the Administration and Public Safety. 


15. Can I post signs giving my guests/students directions to the theater?

You may post signs in the downstairs lobby. Signs upstairs can be used if approved by Public Safety. Please remove all signs promptly after your event.


16. Am I responsible for clean up of the Theater?

Yes. No trace should be left inside from your event in order to accommodate subsequent events. Any cleanup required after an event will be charged to the contact person requesting the space.


17. Are there accessible restrooms on site? Is the theater accessible?

Yes. There is an accessible / restroom available. Elevators bring you down to the lower level, and a ramp leads to the theater entrance. 


18. May I put up promotional posters outside Theater and if so, do you have any easels I may use for the posters?

You may, but we are not able to provide easels.


19. Is there a place to hold a reception prior to or after an event?

Small receptions may be held in the lobby or in LL107 ("The Stage") if available. Please make a separate reservation for this space. Food and drink should be arranged and provided by Chartwells. If your event requires the use of this space, please include this in your reservation request. 


20. Is there some sort of official “check in/check out” procedure when I arrive/ leave?

Yes, please let the AV staff in LL103 know when you have arrived. Let them know when you’re finished in the theater.


21. Will there be anyone on site to provide technical support?

Yes, there is a dedicated support team on site to help with issues if they arise. Please call CDM AV Support at (312) 362-1297. If no one answers, please leave a detailed message and the next available technician will call you as soon as they are free.


22. May I reserve time for a day(s) before event to do a pre-screening of my content (sound levels, image quality, etc.) or do I need to schedule this pre-screening time into my reservation on the day of?

When your reservation is scheduled, a tech meeting will be scheduled in addition to your event in order to check all media and discuss logistics and technical requirements for your event.


If the guide didn't provide the support you required, or you are still having issues, please contact CDM AV Support at cdmavsupport@depaul.edu or call (312)-362-1297