How To Reserve Videos For Class

This article goes over how to reserve videos from the DePaul Library for use in class.


1. Go to

2. Select “Find” from the left side menu


3. Select “Course reserves (Ares)” from the left side menu


4. Login with your Campus Connect username/password

5. If your course has been activated, click “View Course” If your course has not been activated, click “Add Course”

6. Once course is activated and you can view, select “Add Reserve Items”


7. Select “Streaming Video”



8. Fill in required fields (Title, Directed By/Produced By), Date of Publication

If you would like a clip of the film edited and pulled for you, select “Digitize a portion of the work”, enter the start and end time codes and a description of the clip


9. Scroll down and click “Submit item” at the bottom of the page, and that's it!


If the guide didn't provide the support you required, or you are still having issues, please contact CDM AV Support at or call (312)-362-1297