No Projected Image

This is a guide for when there is no projected image.

1. Verify system is on

                     Touch Panel OFF State                                          Touch Panel ON State


2. Verify the source selected is the intended source for output. (ex. instructor computer is the intended source, "Instructor Computer" must be selected). Likewise for the other sources.

                                       Source Selection Screen


3. Check if projector is on; select "Projector Controls" tab and select "Projector On"

Tip: Selected buttons appear BLUE

                                            Projector On State


4. If problem persists, check "AV Mute" button; if selected, press it to turn it off

                                            AV Mute ON State

                                             AV Mute OFF State

If the guide didn't provide the support you required or you are still having issues, please contact CDM AV Support at or call (312)-362-1297.