Scheduling a Zoom Meeting via Outlook

This guide will show you how to schedule a Zoom Meeting via Outlook.

Installing Zoom Plugin for Outlook

To install the Zoom Plugin for Outlook, download the installer from this page:

You will be presented with 2 options based on your operating system:


Run the installer after it finishes downloading, and restart Outlook. You should now notice Zoom-related actions in the top "ribbon" of Outlook - highlighted below.

Scheduling a Meeting

To schedule a meeting, hit the Zoom button "Schedule a Meeting"

You should get 2 popups, one from Outlook and one from Zoom. The Zoom popup should be on top, asking you to change your Zoom settings for this meeting.

Basic Zoom Options

Meeting ID: Leave this on "Generate Automatically", unless you would like to use a specific Meeting ID. 

Password: You can set a password that will be required for attendees to enter the meeting.

Video: Sets video on or off for host and participant when they enter the meeting.

Audio: You can change this to allow for people to Dial in via a telephone in addition to using the Zoom app. Due to the jump in usage of Zoom telephone usage is not recommended at this time.

Advanced Options

Enable Waiting Room: You can enable a waiting room so that you can process each participant that joins the meeting before they get added to the main meeting room. Helpful for filtering out participants.

Enable join before host: You can allow participants to join before you the host get on the meeting. This allows them to talk and communicate prior to your arrival.

Mute participants upon entry: Your participants will be muted when they first enter the meeting.

Only signed-in users can join the meeting: Sign in to Zoom: This setting makes it so that only users with a email address on their Zoom account can join the meeting.

If you're using this setting on a class, make sure students have activated their email and their associated Zoom Pro account. 

Automatically record meeting: You can have Zoom record (either locally or to the cloud) your meeting.

Force include join URL in location field: The location gets set to the Zoom meeting link. Recommended to set ON.

Insert Zoom meeting invitation above existing text: If you have any other text in your meeting invite, it determines if the zoom info is above or below that text.

Alternative hosts: You can set alternate hosts for the meeting to help moderate.


Outlook Options

Title: This will be the subject of the invite as well as the title of the meeting in the Zoom client.

Required: These are participants you are requiring to attend. NOTE: the meeting will not schedule in Outlook if they're booked during the meeting time.

Optional: These are participants that are invited, but if they are busy during the meeting time, it will not stop Outlook from scheduling the meeting (you will receive a warning that they're not available before sending though.)

Time: Sets the start and end times in Outlook and Zoom. You can also set the meeting to be recurring and if so, the frequency. 

When you're done configuring your meeting settings,  hit "Send" and your participants will receive the meeting invite. 


For questions or issues, please contact CDM AV Support at or call (312)-362-1297.