Microsoft To Do: Export To Do Tasklist from Outlook

If using the downloaded Office 365 Outlook desktop client to manage your DePaul BlueM@il mailbox you can extract the To-Do task list to a CSV file. 

  1. Open Outlook 
  2. Select File 
  3. Open the Open and Export dialog box
  4. In the Import and Export Wizard dialog box, click Export to a file, and click the Next button.
  5. In the first Export to a File dialog box, click Comma Separated Values, then click Next
  6. In the second Export to a File dialog box, select the Tasks folder under the email account which you want to export to file, then click the Next button. 
  7. Click the Browse button in the following Export to a File dialog box.
  8. In the Browse dialog box select a folder to save the exported file, and name the file. Select ok
  9. When it returns to the previous Export to a File dialog box, click the Next button.
  10. In the last Export to a File dialog box, click the Finish button
  11. In the following Set Date Range dialog box, enter the date range that you want to extract the tasks and then click the OK button
  12. Then the Tasks list is successfully exported. Go to the folder the exported file saved in, and double click to open it

Note: The CSV file can be imported into a different mailbox as a new task list by performing reverse operation in Outlook.