Information Services: Updated Terminology Guide

Information Services has made some changes lately, and we would like to request that you update some terms that may be on your respective websites.

Short Description:

More Details:

Help Desk (no longer Technology Support Center or TSC): “Help Desk” is the common term for the Information Services help center ( The Help Desk used to be called the "Technology Support Center" or "TSC". Please remove all references to these outdated terms.

BlueM@il: This is the "" email address. The vast majority of the university community has a BlueM@il address. This applies to all student and staff email addresses. Although faculty may still be using emails such as, they have been issued “” emails as well and are encouraged to use the as much as possible.

BlueKey login credentials (no longer Campus Connect login credentials/password): DePaul students, faculty and staff have BlueKey login credentials ( and password). They setup their password during the orientation/onboarding process. They will need these credentials to log in to various applications and DePaul systems like Office 365, BlueSky and Zoom. In time, most systems and software will be accessed with BlueKey login credentials.

DePaul username (no longer Campus Connect username): Soon DePaul students, faculty and staff won’t need a username at all. Just BlueKey, but not yet. This is the "username" part of the BlueM@il email address. Because the transition to BlueKey login is still in progress, most systems will request the BlueKey credentials ( and password), but some systems may still request just the “username” part of the email with the same password.

BlueSky (portal for HR and Finance): BlueSky is DePaul’s Oracle Cloud platform for Human Resources and Finance. It is accessible through   

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