Remote Desktop: Windows Remote Desktop Gateway and Gateway Helper Tool

DePaul student employees, faculty, or staff that connect remotely to a Windows PC should use the following process for remoting into a DePaul-owned computer. Please note that this process requires BlueKey multi-factor authentication (MFA) to be set up on your account. This Remote Desktop (RD) Gateway service adds important security to DePaul’s network by preventing direct connections to Windows-based computers on campus using Remote Desktop. This method went into affect September 27, 2021.

Please note: if you do not remote into a machine on campus, you do not need to set this tool up or do anything further.

IMPORTANT FIRST STEP! Verify your BlueKey multi-factor authentication settings; you won’t be able to connect without following these steps. Your default method will need to be one of two specific methods (see step 2).

  1. Connecting to the new RD Gateway will require BlueKey multi-factor authentication (MFA). Check your multi-factor authentication settings at

  2. Please check your settings and make sure that the “Default sign-in method” is either “Phone - call” or “Microsoft Authenticator - notification”.  The ”Phone - text” option (also known as SMS)  and the “Authenticator app or hardware token” options are not supported.  Please click the “Change” link to modify your setting.

When connecting, the RD Gateway will not notify you that authentication is required; instead, your default method will be used automatically. Please have your “default sign-in method” ready for verification when connecting through the RD Gateway.

Once your “Default sign-in method” is either “Phone - call” or “Microsoft Authenticator - notification”, you are ready to connect to the RD Gateway. You can either connect manually or use the convenient RD Helper Tool (instructions below).

How to Set Up the Computer to be Remoted Into (Machine on Campus)

  1. Please click here (Windows) for instructions on setting up users on the computer to be remoted into (the computer on campus). These steps do not have to be set up on the computer being used to remote from, usually a laptop that is off campus. By default, a user cannot remote into a computer on campus; the steps listed in the KB article must be followed to allow this access.

How to Connect to the RD Gateway with the Helper Tool

  1. From a Mac or Windows-based computer, open Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge (Safari is not supported. See note about supported browsers below).
  2. Navigate to
  3. Provide your DePaul username and the IP address of your on-campus desktop computer when prompted. 
  4. Follow the file download prompt and save the file to a convenient location on your off-campus computer. You will need to access this file every time you want to connect.

You’re all set! The next time you want to connect via Remote Desktop, simply double-click the “OnCampusPC.rdp” file. This will initiate a Remote Desktop connection to your on-campus computer using the RD Gateway service.

Important Links:

Connecting with a Windows computer or Mac to an on-campus Windows PC:

This is what the Remote Desktop helper tool looks like: