Preparing to Leave DePaul

This article summarizes what happens to your online access once you leave DePaul University and/or your role becomes inactive. It also details when these access changes take effect.


Access depends on your active affiliation(s) with DePaul, meaning it is derived from your role (e.g. faculty, staff, student, alumni, retiree, or other affiliate). When you no longer have an active role, your access will either end immediately, or it may continue for an extended period (known as a grace period) for users with certain roles.

People can have more than one role at the same time. In that case, a status change that ends one of your roles will only affect access that is based on that role.  For example, when a student graduates they will still have an active alumni role.  However, that active role does not provide them the same access as when they were a student. All DePaul students are provided a BlueM@il account, along with access to services in Microsoft 365, such as permission to run Office applications, OneDrive storage, etc; once a student graduates, that access also expires.

A few other examples of this would be that of a staff or faculty member who retires or an employee who leaves but is still an active student.  These role transitions affect access. 


When employees (Staff, Faculty, and Student Employees) leave DePaul (i.e. they have no more active jobs at the University), the following changes occur:




Other Affiliates

Other affiliates are those individuals that are not traditional members of the DePaul community (e.g. Contractors, Temp workers, Visiting Faculty, Non-DePaul students taking DePaul classes, Interns, etc.).  These users will lose access to all DePaul resources when their official affiliation status is no longer active.