Long Email Address: Frequently Asked Questions

Why don't I see the 'Set New Primary Email Address' link in Campus Connect?

This option is only available to active faculty and staff. 

Will this impact other systems?

Some systems that rely on the address of a sent email (e.g. listservs) may be impacted by this change. Users should research what other systems they make use of prior to choosing a new long email address to fully understand whether this may impact them. 

I use my current email to log into some systems. Will this change how I log into other systems?

Updating the primary email address on an account should not impact how the user logs into most systems. When accessing the GSuite Apps, users will need to use their new primary email address.

What impact will this have on my email use?

Once a new primary email address is chosen, any email sent from the user's account will be from the new address. Any email sent to the old address will continue to be delivered. Any rules that have been configured that rely on the old email address, may need to be reconfigured to reference the new address instead. 

When will my new address show up in the Address book?

The address book on the Exchange server is updated once per day, so it can take up to 24 hours for the central address book to be updated. Additionally, many users have the address book cached locally on their computers, so this can take longer depending on when their local copy is refreshed. 

What if I need to change my name, can I change my long email address to match?

If an employee gets their name legally changed, they should contact the office of Human Resources to assist them. Once their name is officially updated within the PeopleSoft system, contact netadmin and an administrator can assist with getting their account name and email address updated to match their changed name. 

If I choose a long email address, will anyone else be able to use it?

Once an employee selects a primary email address, it is reserved and prevented from re-use, even if the employee leaves DePaul. 

Are there any other options besides what is available on the new email selection screen?

In order to maintain a consistent format and professional email addresses, long email addresses can only be constructed using the selection tool in Campus Connect, which are constructed based on the names available within the Campus Connect system.