BlueKey: Updating Your Directory Info & Profile Photo

Important Note:

We are currently changing the process to update your DePaul photo. Please update your photo by following the steps below. If the photo hasn't updated in other DePaul systems within 48 hours, please contact the Help Desk. Thank you.

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As a DePaul faculty, staff or student employee, you can make changes to the information that shows up in the Outlook Address book, including: your title, department, office location, and phone number.  You can also change the photo that is displayed in the DePaul HR system, on your 365 app profiles in Microsoft Outlook and Teams, and in many other apps that use your BlueKey account for sign-in. These profile photos are synced so you can only set one photo across all of them. You have the option to display your DePaul ID photo, a custom photo, or no photo.

Directory Information

1. Name Changes

To change your full name in the Outlook address book in the case of marriage, divorce, etc., employees must legally change your name through DePaul Human Resources first. Student employees should contact DePaul Central to get their last name changed.  Once Human Resources or the University Registrar changes your name in DePaul's PeopleSoft system, send an email request to and they will work with you on making this change.  Note that a name change may generate a new username (used to login to Campus Connect and Outlook).  For students and employees who would like to change their first name to a preferred first name, that can be done via self-service in Campus Connect by navigating to Self Service > Campus Personal Information > Names.  Adding or updating a preferred name in Campus Connect will update the first name displayed in the Outlook Directory, however it may take from 24-48 hours before this update is visible.

2. Directory Information Change

If a current DePaul employee needs to make any changes to the information that shows up in the Outlook Address book (e.g., title changes, change in departments or office location, new phone number, etc.), they can make these account updates via a self-service update page in Campus Connect by going to Self Service-> Campus Personal Information->Outlook Directory. Please note these changes may take 24-48 hours before they show up for others in the Global Address Book.


Faculty, staff, and student employees may select to display their DePaul ID photo, a custom photo, or no photo. If no action is taken, the system will automatically display their DePaul ID photo.

For information on how to update this, please see this article.