Why Am I Experiencing Issues When Accessing Alcohol EDU Modules In D2L?

This issue is most commonly seen with students accessing via Safari (either Desktop or Mobile) and is related to the default security settings for the Safari Browser. In order to access the modules you must allow 3rd party cookies (on mobile you must allow cross-tracking).

For desktop, please follow the directions below after accessing Safari:

At the top right, tap More More and then Settings. Tap Site settings and then Cookies. Next to "Cookies," switch the setting on. To allow third-party cookies, check the box next to "Allow third-party cookies."

For Mobile please follow these directions:

Go to Settings > Safari, then below Privacy & Security, turn any of the following on or off: Prevent Cross-Site Tracking: Safari limits third-party cookies and data by default. Turn this option off to allow cross-site tracking.