BlueM@il: Email Automatic Archiving and Deletion Policy

Automatic Archiving – 24 months

All student and employee email accounts include a primary mailbox and additional storage in the form of an archive mailbox. The following applies to the entire contents of your primary mailbox, including messages and calendar items. Items will be automatically moved from your primary mailbox to your archive mailbox after 24 months from the original send/receive/creation date.

Resource mailboxes do not include the additional archive mailbox, therefore automatic archiving will not apply to them.

Automatic Removal of Deleted Items – 6 months

For all email accounts, including resource mailboxes, any items that are placed in the Deleted Items folder will be automatically deleted from the folder after 6 months.

Note: For items automatically or manually deleted from the Deleted items folder, a 30-day recovery period is available.

Personal Tags

Information Services understands that not every use case will benefit from our default automatic policy. We have made several Personal Tag options available for situations where you wish to override the default setting. The following tags can be applied to entire folders or individual items to automatically process them sooner, later, or never.

Note: While the deletion tags are set to allow for a 30-day recovery period, please take special care when adding Personal Tags.

One-Click Archive

Within your primary mailbox, there is an Archive folder. This functionality is entirely separate from the automatic archiving and deletion policy mentioned above. This folder belongs to a function called One-Click Archive. It allows you to quickly move messages out of your Inbox view without the need to delete or select a specific folder; they are simply moved to the Archive folder. Like any other folder, the Archive folder counts against your primary mailbox space.

Additional Information