Faculty/Staff Printing: Mapping a CDM Printer (Mac)

Mapping a CDM Printer on Mac

1. Open System Preferences, then go to Printers & Scanners.

2. Click the “+” button near the lower-left corner of the window, as shown below:

3. Right-click the empty space as shown below, and select Customize Toolbar... as shown below:

4. Hold and drag the “Advanced” icon as shown circled below, and move it to the empty space indicated. Click Done:

5. Click on Advanced. The window will take a bit of time to load. After it finishes loading, you should see a dialogue box pictured below. Pick the following options as shown:

6. Pick the appropriate driver. If unavailable, it may need to be downloaded first. After clicking OK as shown below, you will be brought back to the previous window.

7. Click Add on the lower-right corner of the window to add the printer, as shown below:

8. After the printer has been added, be sure to check Duplex Unit so that the printer can print double-sided. Click OK to finish.

9. The printer is now fully added. When the user is printing for the first time, the system will prompt for credentials. Follow the formatting below with the user’s own Campus Connect credentials, and be sure to remember the information in keychain so that it does not prompt again in the future.