Changes to the D2L Feed

On June 6, 2022, DePaul faculty members will notice a few changes to D2L. The most significant change will affect anyone using an email address other than BlueM@il. All communications through D2L will go to BlueM@il (email ending in starting on June 6. The other changes will include more convenient groups for improved communication and more frequent updates reflecting current student enrollment information.  

All Communications from D2L will go to BlueM@il  

Starting June 6, 2022, all faculty members using an external email address (i.e. Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) will no longer receive communications from D2L to these emails. All communications through D2L will go to the BlueM@il (email address ending in Moving all D2L communications to BlueM@il creates a predictable path that ensures a more reliable delivery of emails between students and faculty. Faculty members who are currently using BlueM@il with D2L will not be affected by this change. 

While Instructors will still be able to email students in D2L from the Classlist or through individual tools like Submissions, they will no longer see the Email icon in the D2L Minibar as we are no longer using D2L's internal email client.


More frequent enrollment updates 

Instructors and students will notice more frequent enrollment updates. Enrollment updates will typically be reflected in D2L within a few hours. The only exception will be on Sundays when system patching is necessary. 


Sections for crosslisted classes will be automatically created in D2L

When a course has been crosslisted in CampusConnect, instructors will now see all sections delineated in D2L. This new feature will reduce or even eliminate the need for faculty to create and regularly update groups in D2L if they want to restrict content to one or more sections.