Campus Connect Update (June 2022)

Starting Friday, June 24th at 3PM and ending Sunday, June 26th at 12PM, Campus Connect will be unavailable for a planned update. Other systems (D2L, BlueM@il, etc.) will not be affected. This update includes a slightly redesigned user experience. Please note the following changes:

  1. The Homepage dropdown menu is now on the top left side.
  2. The Search Bar is top center.
  3. The Recently Viewed  and Favorites buttons are on the left side.
    1. Please note: Your favorites will carry over.
  4. The Actions menu has additional options, such as New Window and Refresh.
  5. The NavBar  menu is now alphabetized and includes breadcrumbs when drilling into the menu folders.




After the update, if you experience any issues, please email for assistance.