CDM AV User Guide - Advanced Classrooms

For in-person instruction, Advanced Classrooms offer an advanced Crestron AV system with touch panel, laser projector, Blu-ray player, and wall and/or ceiling mounted speakers. This includes the 3 theaters within CDM.


Powering On the System

This page is displayed when the system is off.



Press to Begin: Touch this button to power on the system.

A lightbulbTroubleshooting Tip: If the display on the touchscreen is black, tap the screen to wake the display from sleep mode. If you see Zoom controls on the screen, press the Home (looks like a house) button on the right-hand side of the touchscreen to return to the Crestron controls.


Main Screen

This is the first screen you will see after turning on the system. You can select the video source you would like to use from this screen. Descriptions of each button on this page are below.


1. Zoom: Project the instructor computer. “Flips” controls to the dedicated Zoom controls for the room, and sets the source to that output. To learn more about Zoom Controls, Control-click (Command-click on Mac) on the text here.


A lightbulb1a. Instructor Computer: In rooms that are not Zoom enabled, this option will appear in the spot the zoom input select would be.


2. HDMI Laptop: Project an external device connected via HDMI, if equipped.


Note: If you are using a personal computer that has a display connector other than HDMI, you will need to use your own adapter to connect to the provided HDMI cable. If you have questions about which adapters work best, please contact CDM AV Support.


3. Blu-ray: Project the Blu-ray Player. After touching, the screen will transition to Blu-ray player controls.


4. VGA Laptop: Project an external device connected via VGA, if equipped. Audio can be played using the attached 3.5mm audio cable.


5. Video: Return to the Main Screen.


6. Projector Controls: Display projector controls.


7. Volume: Display Volume pop up window.


8. Help: Display the Help screen.


9. Shutdown: Power off the system.


Projector Controls

This is the screen you will see after pressing “Projector Controls”.
Note: This screen might differ depending on the number of projectors and screen configuration in a room.


1. Projector On: Turn on the projector (Button is blue when active).


2. Projector Off: Turn the projector off.


3. AV Mute: Temporarily stop projection of the active image without turning off the projector (Button is blue when active).


Audio Controls

This screen appears as a “pop-up” window when the “Volume” button is pressed.



Once the volume level has been adjusted as needed, the volume controls will automatically hide themselves. They can be brought back up at any time by selecting the “Volume” button again.


Help Page

This screen will be displayed after pressing “Help”. This screen outlines the various functions of the Crestron controls along with contact information on how to get help.

A lightbulbNOTE: At the time of publication of this guide, several initiatives are underway to streamline AV support and centralize points of contact. Touch panel interfaces and this guide will be updated as those initiatives are completed. You can find the most up to date contact information in the Support section of this document.


1. Touch to request assistance: Touch this button to send a help request to the support desk.


2. Touch to cancel help request: Touch this button to cancel your help request.

When the Help request is triggered, the button turns green and shows a checkmark to indicate the request was successfully sent. If you no longer need help, press “Touch to cancel help request”.


A lightbulbNOTE: Not all systems are currently configured with the help request functionality. CDM AV Support is working to implement this functionality in all rooms with dedicated touch panels by the end of WQ 2023.


Powering Off the System

The system can be powered down by pressing the power button in the top right-hand corner of the touch panel bezel.

Once pressed, you will see the screen below:


1. Yes: Powers down the system and turns off all AV system peripherals in the space including projectors and Blu-ray players.


2. Cancel: Returns to the previous page.

If the guide didn't provide the support you required, or you are still having issues, please contact CDM AV Support at or call (312)-362-1297