Sound Studio Training & Certification Process - FQ 2022

This article will explain the certification process for CDM 600A and CDM 724 Sound Studios

The certification process of both CDM 724 and 600A will be slightly different than the past 2 quarters. Starting week five, students can complete a training session for both studios by filling out a sign-up sheet posted on the door of CDM 724. 

The trainings will be held periodically on a weekly basis starting Week 5 through Week 8. There will be multiple sessions throughout the day/week to ensure students find a time that works within their schedule. Specific training blocks can be found on the sign up sheet - the general schedule is as follows:

Week 5: Thursday and Friday 10AM - 1PM
Week 6: Tuesday 10:30AM - 1:30PM Wednesday 12PM - 2PM Thursday 1PM - 3PM
Week 7: No trainings available
Week 8: Monday 12PM - 3PM

Up to three individuals are allowed to sign up for each 30-minute session led by one of the Studio Managers. During this time, students will learn and demonstrate a step-by-step process on the appropriate use of the studios. Once this training is complete, students will receive their certification numbers via their email and will use 25Live to make a studio reservations request as in quarters past.

The 25Live reservation process can be viewed here: Booking CDM Spaces Via 25Live

If this guide didn't provide the support you required or if you still have questions or issues, please contact the Sound Studio team at