Why Is The Content Area Of My D2L Course Arranged By Headings I Am Unable To Edit?

By default, the content area of your D2L course is arranged into modules and submodules that you create and title. However, you can arrange items in the content area based on content type. When the "Arrange by Content Type" setting is enabled, items are organized according to their type and labeled with their respective names (see the "Submissions" and "Discussion" labels in the image below). Note that these labels are not editable.

In order to turn off the "Arrange by Content Type" setting, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Content area of your D2L course.
  2. Choose the "Settings" gear icon.
  3. From the "Content Arrangement" dropdown, choose "None." 

  4. Select Save.

For more information on using the content area of your course, please see our D2L Content guide.